Mobirise review

A whole new dawn in electric vehicle charging

Unique, patented, scalable technology lets you share power with both other appliances and other electric cars - at close to 100% efficiency.

You made an efficient driving choice - now make an efficient charging choice.

Fixed system price - no indeterminate running costs

Your initial system price is all you pay.

5-minute accounting manages equitable tenant power sharing

That includes allocating utility power costs by usage, apportioning an optional fee for service, and sending out the bills - regardless of the number of station owners.

Zero calculated panel load

Your current electrical panel can support variablegrid electric car charging - start with that premise.

Secure encryption

If you have your charging station in a shared environment, that should bring you peace of mind. In addition, your station is not exposed to the Internet.

Fully automatic control

After installation there are no adjustments, no tweaking, no performance worries - charging takes place at the most advantageus rate possible regardless of time of day.